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Walmart - Raeford Rd: Montibello Shopping Center: Cliffdale Rd / 71st School Rd: Morganton Rd / Murray Fork Shopping Ctr: Ponderosa Shopping Center
MONDAY-FRIDAY:  6:10 am - 7:30 pm (every 60 minutes)
SATURDAY: 7:10 am - 6:05 pm (every 60 minutes)

* The last trip on weekdays ends at Cliffdale Road / 71st School Road at 7:30 pm.  The last trip on Saturday ends at Walmart - Raeford Rd at 6:05 pm.
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1Walmart - Raeford Road *
2Montibello Shopping Center
3Cliffdale Road / 71st School Road *
4Morganton Road / Murray Fork Shopping Center
5Ponderosa Shopping Center
5Ponderosa Shopping Center
4Morganton Road / Murray Fork Shopping Center
2Rim Road / Montibello Shopping Center
1Walmart - Raeford Road



  • To follow the bus trip, read across the page.
  • Times are given for certain points along the bus route, called "Time Points".  If your departure or arrival point is between one of the Time Points, you will need to estimate the time the bus will be at your stop.
  • Locate your stop on the map.
  • Find the nearest Time Point before your stop.
  • Depending on which direction you wish to travel, find that Time Point on the schedule.  Estimate the number of minutes it will take the bus to get from the nearest Time Point to your stop.
  • Choose the time you need to travel.
  • When a blank or * appears under a Time Point, it means that a bus does not pass by that point on that particular trip.
  • Be at the bus stop a few minutes early to allow for errors in estimating.
  • All times given may vary with weather or traffic conditions.

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Call 910-433-1747

FAST makes every effort to operate its service as scheduled.  Times given may vary due to mechanical difficulties or road, traffic and other conditions.  Please allow sufficient time to meet your bus.